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Foam, Formulate, Train: Buckeye Specialty Products Does It All

Buckeye Specialty Products has the capabilities to be involved in the production, blend plant design, and formulation of your insulation. We can do as much or as little as you need.


Buckeye Specialty comes to your job site, uses your equipment, and sprays foam for you. Or we bring our own rig to you.


Buckeye Specialty provides Custom Formulation work in polyurethane spray, or pour-in-place foam systems, using new bio products such as soy and castor, or the older petroleum products. We formulate a foam customized to your project’s needs.


Buckeye Specialty provides training on how to spray foam for new applicators.  We build spray foam rigs for new contractors, with either Glass craft, or Gusmer spray equipment.

We can build and train you on a rig of your own. This equipment package includes:

• the spray proportioner
• air compressor
• 150 to 200 feet of hose
• gun
• transfer pumps
• fresh air supply
• duel axel trailer, delivered
• training for the applicator