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Two Decades of Experience and 25 Pending Patents Make a Spray Foam Expert

Doug MacIntyre is a spray foam expert.

Buckeye Specialty Products LLC owner, Doug has a degree in Chemical Engineering from Waterbury State College, Waterbury Ct. A formulation engineer in the polyurethane foam industry since 1989, Doug hasĀ over 15 years experience in the business of spray foam, bio foam, its installation and formulation.

While working with bio foam systems, Doug identified the need for well qualified spray applicators. He founded Buckeye Specialty Products to train qualified applicators for equipment manufactures and sales distributors to train new spray foam applicators across the country, and now internationally.

Doug currently has approximately 25 formulations in the polyurethane foam industry that are patent pending.

One of his Bio foam spray formulations was seen on the TV show, “Extreme Make Over, Home Edition,” in late 2004!