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Spray Foam Insulation is More Economical, Effective and Safer

Designed specifically for the residential insulation market, spray foam insulation is safer than fiberglass. Many health officials and researchers believe fiberglass is a more potent carcinogen than asbestos.

  1. Reduced energy cost
  2. Resistance to mold and mildew
  3. Reliable uality
  4. Higher R Values
  5. Sound deadening
  6. Will not retain water; therefore does not support bacteria or fungal growth
  7. No food value for insects or rodents
  8. Approved by the Association for Better Insulation
  9. Does not shrink, settle or sag
  10. Does not break down over time
  11. Safer for the environment
  12. Bio Spray Foam uses soy and castor beans to make up chemicals used in its spray foam
  13. Fills gaps to seal up house to eliminate air infiltration
  14. The foam systems we spray pass Class One Fire Rating for uniform building codes.
  15. “Spray Polyurethane foam alone can provide an air and water-tight barrier.”¹
  16. “Spray polyurethane Foam insulation can be applied to a home under construction and will not only insulate, but will also reduce air leakage in the building envelope.”²

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2US Department of Energy Fact Sheet, August 1997